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Project planning and management
FCK &Associates is proud to be associated with professional, skilled, experienced and motivated team of project planners, managers and research experts.

We develop project proposals basing on clients vision and mission statements, conduct baseline surveys/situational analysis for project areas, training needs assessments, carry out mid-term and final project evaluations, conduct program reviews and manage projects/programs on behalf of our clients.

Developing organizational strategic plans, provide resource mobilization and linkage techniques, conduct research studies and over a wide range of technical expertise in all areas of organizational development and management.

Designing and establishment of M&E systems, project management information systems and project programming. We apply user friendly sophisticated technologies that suit our clients’ technical and financial base.

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

Please find below a summary of the important payroll tax issued. PAYE tax deducted is paid to the Commissioner Domestic Direct Taxes 15 days after the end of the month to which the deductions relates. Employment income means any income derived by an employee from any employment and includes the following amounts, whether of revenue or capital nature; any wages, salary; leave pay, payment in lieu of leave, overtime pay, fees, commission, gratuity, onus or the amount of any traveling, entertainment, utilities, cost of living, disturbance allowance or any other allowance.

The value of any benefits in kind granted to an employee also construes a taxable benefit and    these     include but not exclusively the following:-

Housing allowance
The full amount of housing allowance is taxable on the recipient. If an employer provides to an employee accommodation or housing other than house allowances, the taxable benefit on the employee is the lesser of:-

the market rent of the accommodation or housing reduced by any payment made by the employee for the benefit; or fifteen per cent (15%) of the employment income, including the amount referred to in (a) above paid by the employer to the employee for the period in which the accommodation or housing was provided.

Please note that costs incurred by employers to house their employees are now tax deductible in the tax computation of the employer company.

Taxable benefits
Housekeeper, chauffeur, or other domestic assistants

The value of the benefit is the total employment income paid to the domestic assistants in respect of the services rendered to the employee, reduced by any payment made by the employee for the benefit.

Provision of utilities in respect of the employee’s residenceThe value of the benefit is the cost to the employer of providing the utilities reduced by any consideration paid by the employee for the utilities.

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